The Japan Diet: Eating Right, Losing Weight

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The-Japan-DietIronic but true; food is the key to weight loss. Well, to be exact; the right kind of food is the key to a safe weight loss. This is very true most especially with the women in Japan.

The Wrong Kind of Food Leads To Weight Gain

Here’s a good example of how Japanese women are able to stay in shape. The video tells us about a Japanese lady that had never had a weight problem until she lived in the United States.

Naomi Moryama is a 45-year old Japanese woman living in New York. She’s never had a weight problem except when she gained 25 lbs in just two months while living in the U.S. during college.”

The reason for her weight gain was traced to her changed eating habits.

 “Burgers, pizza, banana splits … you name it.”

Unfortunately, that’s the diet that most folks are accustomed to.

A Look At How Japanese Women Eat

According to Naomi, she was only able to lose the excess weight when she went back home to Japan.

 “All I did was I went back to my mother’s Tokyo kitchen.”

She didn’t have to undergo some kind of diet. Dropping 25 lbs without having to reduce food intake is simply amazing. There must be something about her mother’s Tokyo cooking.

“Turns out that the Japanese women’s secret to staying thin and living longer is all about food.”

Naomi shares this secret.

“I think the secret is Japanese women eat very, very differently from the rest of the world.”

Come to think of it and looking closely at what the Japanese eat, that is very true. Aside from the fact that Japanese food is well arranged and colorful, it’s also very fresh.

“It seems to be working for them. Japanese women have one of the world’s lowest obesity rates. Only three percent. Thirty-four percent of American women are considered obese.”

Thirty-four percent is a far cry from the three percent rate.

“According to Naomi’s new book, Japanese women don’t get old or fat; food is key.”

Japanese Women Eat The Right Kind Of Foods

The kind of food the Japanese women prepare and eat is mostly fresh and most of the time, is devoid of meat.

“ … instead there’s lots of fish … It can be served raw like sushi or sashimi or grilled. The Japanese also eat lots of fresh vegetables prepared in either Canola Oil or Rice Bran Oil. By cooking the vegetables lightly, both the colors and the nutrients are more intense.”

Here’s an eye-opener. The main dish is focused more on the vegetables. Naomi explains this very well.

“We think of them as a main course rather than … like a side thing that accompanies a big chunk of meat.”

In addition, Japanese women ate more of rice than bread. And that’s in spite of the fact that the breads in Japan are very delicious. Another staple ingredient of  their food is soy.

Instead of drinking soda, the Japanese women drink green tea. This is plain and simple green teal, without cream and sugar.

A typical Japanese meal is served in small portions. Arranged carefully in small plates, the Japanese women partake of their food slowly. They savor each bite, eating only when their eighty percent full.

Looking closely at how the Japanese women eat confirms the fact that there is no need to starve to lose weight. Eating the right kind of food is the key to lose weight and stay in shape.

The Slimming Powers Of Green Tea

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green-tea-weight-lossIt’s a widely known fact that the Japanese drink a lot of green tea. They end their meals by drinking this very refreshing drink.  I guess that’s what makes them so slim. As I look back on my vacation in Japan, I don’t remember seeing any overweight Japanese. I mean, if there was someone who was overweight in the Misaki Ferry, it was definitely me.

Seeing how a lot of the Japanese folks just love green tea, I decided to learn more about it. I was intrigued by the amazing powers of green tea. Seeing how all the Japanese drank it just made me think that there was something special about green tea. I soon found out why.

Considered As One Of The Superfoods

Here are some interesting facts about green tea. I didn’t realize that it was actually considered as one of the superfoods. This video provides more interesting information about it.

“After water, it’s the most popular beverage in the world.”

I had no idea that green tea was so popular. I had been so ignorant for quite a while that I only learned more about it when I was in Japan. Now here’s a trivia about green tea.

“Green tea became a daily drink in China around the third century A.D. But it was used as medicine almost three thousand years earlier.”

The Difference Between Black And Green Tea

While the black and the green tea are both derived from a plant called Camellia Sinenis, the latter has more antioxidants.

“Green tea and black tea are both mature leaves from the Camellia Sinenis plant. Green tea is just a less fermented version. This means it has more antioxidants than black tea because the fermentation process removes these healthy molecules.”

How Can Green Tea Help In Weight Loss

Having more antioxidants than black tea, green tea can really help in weight loss. One good reason why green tea really helps in weight loss is because of the antioxidant called Catechin. According to the video, this is:

“An antioxidant compound linked to everything from weight loss to Alzheimers prevention.”

The video explains further that green tea has more of this particular antioxidant because it only undergoes the first drying process; unlike black tea that’s fermented more. Hence, it recommends that drinking green tea is a much healthier practice than drinking black tea.

Here are the benefits of drinking green tea:

  • Reduced cancer risk
  • Stronger immune system
  • Lowered blood pressure

Getting Used To The Taste

There’s just no doubt about the benefits of drinking green tea. Green tea has been around for so long that it must really have some super powers. But for starters, the taste maybe a little peculiar.  It just really takes some getting used to. I didn’t like it at first but I got used to it.

With all the amazing benefits that come with drinking green tea, I didn’t mind getting used to the taste. If the Japanese folks can take it, then I see no reason why I can’t.

It didn’t take too long for me to get used to the taste. Hence, I drink green tea regularly and I’m starting to feel a lot lighter. I’m really looking forward to seeing the slimming powers of green tea take effect on my body.

Brown Or White Rice For Weight Loss?

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brown-rice-vs-white-riceI have finally faced the reality of aging. When you hit your 30’s,  it’s really not that easy to shed off the pounds. The effort I put in is twice but the outcome is just about zero. Suffice it to say, no matter what I do, I just can’t seem to drop a single pound. Weight loss is just not that easy at my age.

Such is the reason why I have decided to make some changes in my diet. I am about 30 lbs overweight and I want to start shedding off the pounds before it’s too late. The more weight I put on, the harder it will be to shed it off. So I might as well start now.

About two weeks ago, I started to jog. The first few days were hard. I couldn’t even last 15 minutes. But eventually, I was able to gain strength. Now, I am able to jog for about 25 minutes. I am looking forward to increasing the length of time.

Aside from my regular jogging, I have also started to eat right. I am not exactly cutting down on my food intake. I can’t afford to get hungry because I need all the energy I can get. So now, I am slowly trying to replace some of the food I am so used to eating.

Since I have a profound love for rice, I am now torn between the brown and the white variety. As a major component of my regular diet, I want to know which variety of rice can help me with my weight loss. Since brown rice is widely known to be a healthier alternative, I thought I needed to start eating that instead of the white variety that I have loved for so long. I was all set to shift to the brown variety when I learned some interesting facts about it.

Surprisingly, brown rice has a higher calorie content. One cup of brown rice has about two hundred sixteen calories. That’s about 47 more calories than a cup of white rice. The high-calorie content of brown rice for me curious.

Sean Nalewanyj, a renowned fitness coach and author of effective weight loss articles and programs, says that 9 out of 10 fitness experts recommend brown rice. There are three reasons as to why brown rice is highly recommendable. One good reason is that brown is a “slower absorbing carbohydrate”. As a slow absorbing carbohydrate, brown rice is considered as complex carbs. This means that it takes a longer time for the body to digest it. That slow burning process enables the body to feel full for a longer period of time. This can definitely cut down certain food cravings. So that’s one good reason as to why brown rice can help in weight loss.

But the second reason is quite an eye-opener. While brown rice contains more nutrients, I can actually get the same kind of nutrients from fruits and vegetables. This means that I can still enjoy eating the white variety as long as I make sure I getting the right nutrients from fruits, vegetables, and multi vitamins.

The third reason as to why brown rice is recommended most of the time is because of the high fiber content. But then again, if I could get the right amount of fiber from other food sources, I don’t really need to make the shift.

So two out three reasons helped me decide. So should I go for the brown or white rice? I’m glad I’m staying with the white rice.

Paying Attention To Calories?

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diet-to-go-weight-lossAnyone who has been trying to lose weight for the longest time is aware that a calorie count of 1800 a day is needed to maintain a healthy weight. If the intention is to lose weight, then it should be less than 1800 a day. Although the required calorie count may differ depending on the daily activities, a 1800-calorie a day works for the average Jane, according to

Paying attention to calories can be tedious and daunting but effective at times. Knowing that a classic chocolate chip cookie has about 70 to 100 calories, can help control intake. With careful considerations, fruits or oats can be healthier alternatives.

There are a lot of health books available that could teach people to count calories. These books are informative and thorough with food selections. Some books even create sample menus for the entire day. Such menus have an 1800-calorie count, not to mention delicious food combinations. These health books can provide extensive knowledge to anyone who wants to have a healthy but limited calorie intake.

Now if you don’t want to count calories and still lose weight, then a simple solution for you would be to use the Diet To Go weight loss program. This program provides you with pre-cooked meals which are portion controlled and calorie count controlled. Portion control can help in weight loss and maintenance. It is easier to stay within the ideal weight as long as the calorie count is within range and the food portions are controlled.

There are no shortcuts to weight loss. However, there are diet delivery weight loss program such as Diet To Go, which can help you achieve your goals of weight loss. Total awareness and discipline are needed for a healthy and effective weight loss. It is best to start losing weight the right way. Counting the calories is a great start. By counting the calories, the body is not deprived of the nutrients to stay healthy. Staying within the 1800-calorie count, the body can intelligently choose the kind of food to take in.

To really lose and maintain weight, it is safer to count the calories than deprive the body of proper nutrients. It may be tedious at the start  but once this healthy habit is in place, it becomes second nature. It really pays to count the calories.