monicd1While on a vacation trip to Japan last year, I had to travel from the Saganoseki peninsula to Misaki. Like all the locals who have to go to Misaki, I took the Misaki Ferry. While on board the ferry, I took-in the beauty of the bay as the Ferry trip was approximately 70 minutes. This really gave me a chance to enjoy the scenery and the clean, fresh, cool sea breeze.

While on the ferry, I was observing all the Japanese around me and it dawned on me that everyone seemed to be “normal size” in terms of weight and looked very healthy. They must be doing something right in terms of their eating habits, daily activities, and general outlook in life. I found this to be very inspiring.

I then realized that I was the largest person in our section and started contemplating on the “what ifs” of getting back to shape. It was on the Misaki Ferry that I had an epiphany that it’s about time that I took care of myself and planned on a weight loss goal so that I may be able to do activities that I used to enjoy such as dancing, biking, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Years of neglect had brought upon my weight gain and I realized that it was time that I do something about it.

With this blog, I plan to share some weight loss tips which I hope people will find useful.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Monica D.