Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight Now

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weight-loss-tipsIt’s a new year and I’m sure you guys are all thinking about dropping a couple of pounds. After all the holiday eating, weight loss usually becomes the number one priority as the new year sets in. But it’s really not easy to start a weight loss routine most especially after the holidays. After you have gotten so used to eating all those yummy treats, it’s just so hard to refrain from doing so now. Even worse, getting yourself to exercise becomes more challenging after all the procrastination over the holidays. Despite your commitment to lose weight, the motivation is just not there.

So how can you motivate yourself to lose weight? How can you actually get into the groove of dropping the pounds?

Model and online personality, Cassandra Bankson has some wonderful tips (see video below) to finally get you in the right mood to lose weight.

“I want to bring you five tips and tricks that I’ve heard from a lot of people that have worked from them …”

Below are her tips:

• Take a photo of yourself now. Use this as your before photo so that you can the actual and gradual changes to your body. According to, which reviews the Medifast diet, this is a good way for you to motivate yourself to lose some weight because you will be able to see the changes and results of your hard work.

“If today is your first day, take a photo of yourself and save it somewhere … when we’re looking at our body everyday for three months you may not notice a change because we’re seeing ourselves everyday. But if we look back at our photo, that’s when we can really see a dramatic difference …”

• Focus on your specific goal and reward yourself afterwards when you achieve your goals with the medifast diet.

“Don’t just say … I want to lose weight or I want to gain muscle … set specific goals … I want to lose ten pounds in three months …”

Soon as you set your specific goal, plan how you can achieve it. Schedule a workout activity and DO it. Reward yourself as you see reach your goal one step at a time.

“Reward yourself with something else … if I reach my goal my goal by this day, by doing these certain steps, I’m going to buy myself something new …”

Cassandra emphasizes not to reward yourself with food. Don’t lose weight to end up eating it all back. Stay active and focused as you see some gradual changes in your body.

• Exercise with a friend. It’s more fun to exercise with a buddy. You are motivated to get up and be active.

“Get a workout buddy. Get someone who loves to do what you like to do …”

• Get inspired and read fitness magazines. You are guaranteed to find some great weight loss tips from fitness magazines. Refrain from reading something that can depress you.

“A lot of people may turn to modelling magazines and things like that and that’s really not the best idea coz when people look at this and they say, ‘Oh my gosh, I don’t look like that so I’m just going to east some cake!’ and that’s not a good thing.”

• List down all the things you can finally do soon as you’ve reached your ideal weight. This list can make you look forward to the results of your weight loss journey. Make this list visible, post it on your fridge or on your wall. Just make sure you can see it everyday. Better yet, get started on a diet with a medifast coupons discount. You can get great savings with medifast coupon offers plus be able to select a menu plan that suits your specific diet needs.

“Losing that weight, I will be able to fit into those amazing jeans …”

The five tips are definitely doable. They’re enough to motivate you to finally drop the pounds now.