Privacy Policy

Your Personal Information Is Safe Here

I care about the security of your personal information. That’s why I assure you that I will never share any of it with any service provider or website. My Privacy Policy states how I I secure your personal information.

My website doesn’t really collect any personal information from you. I don’t require you to sign up to use my website. You always have easy access to my website. You can visit it anonymously without having to share anything about yourself. I really don’t gather any personal information from my visitors unless the need arises.

I am only able to get your email address when you post a comment and/or when you send me a message on the contact form. If I do get a message from you and I need to reply to it, I will do so by using your email address. On the other hand, if your message does not require a response I will never use it (your email address) at all. I will make sure it is secured and not shared with anybody at all.

The security of your personal information is important to me. Such is the reason why I make sure it’s secured. You can count on me on that.