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My website is designed to motivate and inspire you. After all, who doesn’t need all the inspiration and motivation to lose weight? We all do. I should know that because I was inspired and motivated on the Misaki Ferry. Aware of the need to lose weight, I finally decided to embark on it. It took that special moment on the Misaki Ferry for me to finally do it.

Thru my website, you can also have that same realization moment. I will share with you all the right reasons as to why we should get back to shape. My website aims to get you started on a healthy weight loss plan. So feel free to access my website but keep my terms and conditions in mind. You agree to comply with them every time you are on misakiferry.com.

Linking And Acknowledging

I have my own terms on sharing my intellectual properties such as my articles posted here. If you have any intentions in sharing my articles in the web, you have to link it back here to my website. That’s the best way to acknowledge the intellectual rights of my articles.

I Would Love To Hear From You

You can also reach me thru my contact form. I have a Contact Form posted here on my website. That’s one easy way for you to reach me.

I would love to hear from you. I’m sure you have a lot of ideas and questions for me. I’m really just a message away from you.

As part of my terms and conditions, you agree to stick to the topic of weight loss. Our communication here should only be about diet programs and weight loss. I will not accommodate thoughts, opinions, and inquiries NOT related to the topic of my website.

Moreover, any kind of communication tailored around discrimination and obscenities will also not be allowed here. I will never tolerate any language that depicts any kind of disturbed behavior. You are to communicate with me in a cordial manner.

Should you find my articles inspiring enough to motivate you, you agree to turn to an expert for proper guidance.

It took me a ferry ride to inspire me to lose weight. I aim to spark that same hope of inspiration here on my website. You won’t need to get on a ferry to find the inspiration. You’ll find it here.